Parking & Transit Office

Student Senate

KU's Student Senate oversees the funding of KU on Wheels, JayLift, and SafeRide/SafeBus.  The funding for these programs are part of the required campus fees, and are reviewed by Student Senate's Finance Committee and Fee Review Subcommittee on an annual basis. 

The three fees are the Transportation Fee (for the operations of KU on Wheels & JayLift), the Bus Acquisition Fee (for the purchase of buses), and the SafeRide/SafeBus Fee (for the operations of SafeRide and SafeBus). 

Usually, fee increases are "inflationary", based on the rising costs of fuel and of our contract for service, or are requested in order to add new service.  In 2007, Student Senate approved a $20 fee increase for the purchase of buses, and in 2008, the KU student body voted to approve a referendum for an additional $20 fee increase in order to make the buses "fare free" for all students instead of having to buy bus passes.  In the following academic year, our ridership nearly doubled! 

The Student Body President also recommends 7 of the 10 members of the Transit Commission, which is appointed by and makes recommendations to the Provost.

Ask a KU student Senator if you have any concerns regarding your student fees.


We have operated since 1971, and KU has owned its own wheelchair-accessible buses since 2007
Two routes (11 and 29) are co-funded by KU and Lawrence Transit
Students, staff, and faculty can ride any bus in town FREE with their KU Card
We keep items found on a bus for two weeks
For safety and efficiency, board at the front of a bus and exit at the rear
Game-day shuttles operate two hours before kickoff / tipoff
All buses have bike racks (first come, first served)
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t cross the street in front of a bus
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t run after a bus once it starts to pull away
We allow drinks in permanent travel mugs only. No paper or plastic drink cups
KU and Lawrence Transit gave 3 million rides in 2017.
KU on Wheels is funded by student fees and parking permit dollars.
KU off-campus routes will have service until 10:30 p.m. M-F beginning fall 2018.