Parking & Transit Office

Coordination with the City

Since 2008, the university has worked together with Lawrence Transit to coordinate our systems, providing the most efficient service possible with our transit resources. 

We embarked on this process in 2005, with a task force to consider the future of transit on campus, which was followed by two different consultant studies about coordination:

  • Dan Boyle, 2006, covered both routes and governance structures
  • Olsson Associates, 2010, focused specifically on routes and service standards

The first major step towards coordination was the creation of route 11, which combined 1 city route with 1 1/2 university routes that were traveling along nearly identical paths.  At that time, we also began coordinating our services in a variety of other ways, such as jointly publishing a single Transit Guide instead of two separate sheet maps, publishing route and schedule information on a single website, and providing a single location and phone number for customer service, lost & found, and complaints. 

While KU on Wheels and Lawrence Transit remain two separate entities with separate funding and governance structures, we've achieved our goal of making it be seen as a single transit system.  "A bus is a bus is a bus."


We have operated since 1971, and KU has owned its own wheelchair-accessible buses since 2007
Two routes (11 and 29) are co-funded by KU and Lawrence Transit
Students, staff, and faculty can ride any bus in town FREE with their KU Card
We keep items found on a bus for two weeks
For safety and efficiency, board at the front of a bus and exit at the rear
Game-day shuttles operate two hours before kickoff / tipoff
All buses have bike racks (first come, first served)
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t cross the street in front of a bus
Visibility around buses is extremely limited; don’t run after a bus once it starts to pull away
We allow drinks in permanent travel mugs only. No paper or plastic drink cups
KU and Lawrence Transit gave 3 million rides in 2017.
KU on Wheels is funded by student fees and parking permit dollars.
KU off-campus routes will have service until 10:30 p.m. M-F beginning fall 2018.